What is the Million Acts of Love Campaign?

35 Days=1,000,000 Acts of Love


The Love Can series is part of a larger movement of churches in the Omaha metro working together to impact the lives of our communities with the message of hope contained in the Gospel.

One part of the series will be to inspire the 30,000 people hearing the message of Love Can in churches to do a Million Acts of Love throughout the series.

 •  The goal of this time is to unleash unprecedented compassion into our community.
 •  The challenge is to do one intentional act of love each day.

Here are some examples of acts of love:

♥   Watch the kids of a single mom
♥   Wash a neighbor’s car

♥   Pay someone a compliment
♥   Hold the door for a mom with kids

♥   Pick up trash in a neighbor’s yard
♥   Pay for a military person’s dinner

♥   Hand deliver your neighbor’s paper in driveway
♥   Offer to babysit for free

♥   Smile and say hi
♥   Write post it notes of encouragement

♥   Bring cookies over to a neighbor
♥   Write thank you notes to neighbors

♥   Visit elderly on your block
♥   Encourage a care-giver

♥   Bake some treats for neighbors
♥   Grab groceries for an elderly lady

♥   Help a neighbor with yard work
♥   Trim/weed whack for your neighbors

♥   Buy coffee for construction workers
♥   Pick up trash/litter

♥   Give the gift of counseling
♥   Pay for the sandwich of the person behind you

♥   Say good morning
♥   Send a thank you not to those who serve our community (police, hospital, fire)

♥   Thank check out worker in grocery line
♥   Ask someone who is dealing with challenges if you can pray for/with them

♥   Free hugs!
♥   Do a chore for a family member

♥   Get out your kickball and invite the neighborhood kids to play
♥   Take time to listen
♥   Plug some parking meters
♥   Find a person sitting alone for lunch and ask to sit with them

♥   Go stand with the homeless begging on the corner and ask them their story
♥   Have a neighbor over for dinner

♥   Run errands for a shut in
♥   Write a letter of encouragement and mail one a day to friends

♥   Take elderly to grocery store to get groceries
♥   Write a note of encouragement to the mailman/garbageman

♥   Bring in your neighbor’s trash can on a windy day
♥   Rake leaves for a neighbor

♥   Take care of pets/yard for neighbors while they are away
♥   Take somebody’s shopping cart back for them

♥   Walk your neighbor’s dog
♥   Wash your neighbor’s car

♥   Use someone’s name at the register
♥   Host a neighborhood BBQ

♥   Pay for someone’s gas
♥    Help someone move

♥   Pray for someone
♥   Visit a care center – talk and pray for residents

♥   Leave quarters at a laundry mat
♥   Post something encouraging on Facebook

♥   Leave an extra nice tip with a Love Can card with a note on the back (cards available at the Welcome Center)


Next, share your stories…

This may seem a bit odd to most of us because when we do acts of love, we do it out of a heart of humility, not seeking attention. However, when we share with one another, it encourages all of us to see how God is moving in us and through us to impact the lives of others.

Here are some ways to share how God is inspiring you to Acts of Love throughout the week:

 •  Share on social media using #lovecan2017—as more people begin to use this, social media users will begin to see this as a movement and begin to ask
questions regarding what it is about.
 •  Share stories with your friends via text about how God inspired you that day.
 •  Email [email protected] and we will share stories with the congregation.