RTF Ministry


For more information on RTF Prayer Ministry contact Lisa Zaloudek.

Restoring the Foundations is an in-depth healing prayer ministry designed to bring true life-change to those receiving ministry.


At T!LC, we provide two options for ministry. The first is called “Issue-Focused Ministry”. This is a one-time, three hour session focused on a single issue.

The second option is called “Thorough-Format Ministry”. This a series of five 3-hour sessions. The goal of this ministry is to provide healing in 3-5 core areas that need healing.

In both ministries, there is a systematic, yet Holy Spirit inspired approach to ministry called the “Integrated Approach to Healing.” The integrated approach covers four areas that are interrelated and can keep us from experiencing all of God’s promises for our lives. These four areas are:

• Generational Sins
• Ungodly Beliefs
• Life’s Hurts
• Demonic Oppression

If you are interested in receiving ministry, you have the following options:

1. Contact Lisa Zaloudek or the church office at 402-292-2695 for more information.


2. Download and complete your ministry application, then e-mail to Lisa Zaloudek:
Issue Focused Ministry (IFM)
Thorough Format Ministry Application (TFM)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You can fill out both applications on your computer. Please download and save the forms before filling out the forms as some people have lost their information when filling it in directly from the website.


1. Is there a cost for the ministry? Issue-Focused ministry is a free-will offering. Thorough Format Ministry has a $350/person charge for people who are a part of the T!LC family. The cost helps to cover materials and the in-depth, on-going training which each minister is required to participate in on a routine basis.

2. How should I prepare for ministry? If you are doing IFM, you will be provided with a yellow ministry manual that we will ask you to read prior to ministry. If you are doing TFM, you will be provided with a book written by the RTF founders, Chester and Betsy Kylstra, which we will ask you to read prior to beginning ministry.

3. How do I schedule ministry? Once your ministry application is received, a member of your ministry team will contact you to establish a ministry schedule. Ministry will be conducted in the T!LC Prayer Chapel.