The T!LC Legacy Endowment Trust has been created to enable and encourage members and friends to extend their financial stewardship beyond their lifetimes to further the vision and mission of this Church.  An Endowment Trust like ours is conceived to last forever, expanding by gifts and donations.  Several links below are offered to allow you to learn more about the Legacy Endowment Trust, but if you have questions please contact the Thanksgiving church office or one of our Trustees at 402-292-2695.

Allen Furby- President
Grant Engelbart – Treasurer
Harold Carlson – Secretary
Tex Teixeira
John Taylor
Glenn Harless – Senior Pastor

View the T!LC Legacy Endowment Trust brochure

View the T!LC Legacy Endowment Trust Agreement

View the T!LC Legacy Endowment Trust Investment Policy Statement

Required Minimum Distributions

Planning Your Charitable Gifts